Kiln Creek Realty Property Manager

john-murrayAfter 20 years in the Army and Air Force, John and his wife, Kelly, decided to retire in Newport News, Virginia.  He has a Master’s in Business Administration, and worked at a local university.  His primary expertise is in Operation Management–overseeing facilities, airports and air traffic control functions.  He recently left the Social Security Administration to supervisor a major addition to his home.  He realized he was too young to retire and had all the tools and experience to be a dedicated property manager to the community he loved.  He knows Hampton Roads; its schools, shopping, business, and military bases; he’ll help owners and tenants with their individual residential property needs.
When not working as a property manager, John enjoys spending time with his two children, who are 9 and 12.  He is married to his long time adventurous worldwide traveler of 27 years.  They have three grandchildren who live in Texas with their eldest daughter and her husband.

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Phone: 757-897-8295

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